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Adopt a Husky

Adopt-a-Husky Mentoring Program



·         Adopt-a-Husky is a silent mentoring program by which Hazeltine teachers and staff develop relationships with individual students who are having difficulties.

·         Adopt-a-Husky candidates are students who are at risk or not working up to their full potential due to non-school related factors.

·         Students who would be good candidates are referred to the Student Services Assistant, by the classroom teachers, the Student Success Planning Team (S.S.P.T.) or the Coordination of Services Team (C.O.S.T.)

·         Each staff member should adopt at least one Husky.

·         Teachers do not need to send a permission slip to adopt a Husky in their own classroom.  They do, however, need to fill out an Adopt-a-Husky referral form and turn it in to the Student Services Coordinator. In general teachers are not encouraged to adopt students in their own class.

·         Parent permission needs to be obtained for other staff members and teachers who adopt a Husky not in their own class.

Staff members can adopt up to three Huskies. In cases where more than one Husky is adopted they are encouraged to ensure that they give attention to each Husky as an individual.

Husky Adopter Mentor Commitments


·         I will check in with my Husky every day when possible

·         I will show interest in my Husky’s:

o   Hobbies/interests

o   Family

o   Birthday

o   Activities

o   school performance

o   dreams and aspirations


·         I will encourage my Husky to:

o   Do homework

o   Pay attention in class

o   Behave on playground

o   Make wise decisions

o   Plan for a university education


·         When applicable I will share information/stories about myself (that I feel comfortable divulging) with my Husky

·         I will offer my Husky encouragement and guidance. If problems arise I agree to be contacted by my Husky’s:

o   Teacher in case of classroom or homework issues

o   Administration in case behavior issue


·         I will attend special school events and/ or Student Success Team meetings for my Husky when possible.


If you have any questions please contact