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Forms For Parents


The LAUSD  attendance goal is for every student to have 96% attendance- 7 absences or less. 


Hazeltine Elementary Attendance Goal

100% Attendance and Punctuality


               Which level are you?                  

          Perfect Attendance (100%)= 0 Absences

Proficient Attendance (99%-97%)= 1-6 Absences

Excellent Attendance= Academic Success 


Justified Absences

Illness or Injury

Medical Appointment

Dental Appointment


Here are some suggestions to help you and your child establish positive attendance habits:

  • Create morning and evening routines.


  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep and a nutritious breakfast each day.


  • Schedule all appointments for your child after school, on weekends or during student's vacation or holidays, if possible.


  • Post school calendars and schedules in a visible place.


  • Plan family vacations for non-school days only.


  • Help your child develop a positive attitude toward school and learning by encouraging him/her to participate in school activities.


  • Communicate often with your child's teacher and request assignments missed during absences.


  • Please inform us of any issues that may be affecting your child's attendance, including chronic health conditions.

Regular Attendance

  • Better Grades


  • Less need for intervention


  • Better self-esteem


  • Greater Success

Tips to help you

  • Create a daily schedule


  • Eat a healthy diet


  • Go to bed early


  • Get up early


  • Prepare your school materials the night before